Introduce a Specific Activity

To introduce a specific activity and its objective, process from beginning to end.


This involves:

  • Invite the child(ren) to do something new. Or, if at whole group, “I have something new to show you today.”

  • Use a mat on the floor in front of you at whole or small group, or at a table as appropriate for the material.

  • Name or introduce the material or activity. (“This is how you carry a chair.” or “This is called watercolor painting.” or “This is the sound sorting game.”)

  • Can ask, “What do you notice about this.”

  • Demonstrate the exact steps and use of the material or routine with gestures and efficient use of words from start to finish (Taking it off the shelf, doing it, and putting it away.)

  • Invite children to repeat.

  • Model and support clean-up or closure.

This is an example of how to introduce carrying a chair in the classroom to either or group of children or individual.