Introduce a Social Norm or Interaction

To introduce a social norm or interaction.

    This involves:

  • Gathering children in a small or whole group.

  • Introduce the problem or behavior. “I have something new to show you today.” or “I have noticed something that I want to talk about today.”

  • Name the problem or behavior.  “I want to show you how to interrupt politely.” or “I noticed some children bumping into each other in line to go outside today.”

  • Model (with another adult or with an experienced child) what the undesirable behavior looks like if appropriate. Otherwise go to next step.  “Here is what I saw today, let me show you.” Ask, “What did you notice?”

  • Model what the desirable behavior looks like. (Let me show you what lining up can look like.” or “Here is what it looks like to shake hands with someone.”  Ask, “What did you notice?”

  • End by saying, “You can practice this every day by….”  Can also have children come up and try it out or practice the behavior at the group time together.

This is an example of how to introduce getting a lunch box for lunch or snack with a child and working with them through the multiple steps in following the classroom routine.