Count and Build

“Blocks will build a tower tall,

Blocks will make a long, long wall,

Blocks will build a house or plane,

A truck, a tunnel, or a train.”

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Block City
Blocks and Literacy
Blocks and Literacy
Blocks Space

The Block Area is a vital part of an early childhood classroom.  Children need opportunities to build, experiment with shape equivalencies, size, weight, balance, etc. It is a place for science, literacy, math, and art to come together - and it is a key venue for deep social interactions, conflict resolution, and collaboration.  The Block Area must be carefully introduced.  Bring the whole group or small groups into the block area to demonstrate how to choose, carry, build, and put away blocks.   Start with a small amount of blocks and build your collection and props based on children’s interests. Use photographs of children building to guide discussions of how to build certain designs and have children draw what they build - often before playing to have them practice planning. See the PowerPoint for inspiration for your block area.


2-Stack & Row

3- Bridging


5- Elaborate Designs

6- Complex, Cooperative Building

Stages of Block Play