Fall 2020

In the event that children are out of school or childcare program for a prolonged period of time due to weather, illness, travel, or school closures, here are ideas for caregivers and families to continue learning and playing. 

Click here for resources and social stories specifically related to the coronavirus and overall health to help you and your children process what is happening around us.

Please click on Daily Menus below and links to activities that you can do at home.

Read books, count, sing, and move everyday!

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A few things to think about as you plan:

1. Create and Maintain Routines

  • Create a structure for your day. Breakfast, followed by clean up and an activity time together, some independent free play, lunch, rest, and another activity time followed by more independent free play.  

  • Include remote learning meetings and activities in your daily schedule. (See suggested schedule - modify schedule to add classroom meetings/video instruction)

  • Reading books, daily household chores that children can help with like preparing meals, laundry, cleaning as part of the day.

  • Give children special jobs around the house and include them in the care of the environment. This could include watering plants, feeding pets, doing dishes, sorting and folding laundry, etc. 

2.  Identify and Organize a Work Space

  • Add language here about setting up a space for child to do remote learning activities. 


3. Remember Play & Physical Activity Are Learning

  • If you can, get outside as much as you can. 

  • If stuck inside, building forts out of cushions and sheets makes a great place to play. Kids love dressing up in your clothes, playing house with baby dolls and plastic dishes, and playing in water at the sink and in the bath.

  • Put on music and dance, find a yoga or exercise video. 


4. Make Time for Quiet Activities

  • Build a quiet time into your day, perhaps after lunch. This can be a time for children to rest, look at books or listen to music. It is a good reset for the day. (audio books) 


4. Minimize Screen Time

  • No scary or adult content. Adults can watch their own content while children are sleeping or not around. Children see and absorb everything and can be confused or stressed from adult media.

  • Select times of day for appropriate content for children (see our links.)

  • Children learn best through human interaction.

Father and Son Baking