Family Involvement

Involving families and caregivers in telling stories forges strong connections between home and school.  Children love watching their parents participate in Story Telling Story Acting. There are many ways for families to be involved in Story Telling Story Acting.  

  • Newsletters to highlight STSA: Share photographs of children acting out a story and text of an actual story. Talk about why STSA builds literacy, language skills, knowledge about the world, risk taking, cultural knowledge.

  • Invite parents to take dictation of their child’s story.

  • Parents coming in to act out stories: Invite parents to a Storytelling event in your classroom.  Children can act out a few stories. Parents can participate and act out some of the children’s stories.  Children can tell stories to their parents and take them home to act out.  

  • Encourage families to share stories from home: Parents can send in a story about themselves and children can act out the story at school or parents can come in and tell a story from their childhood.