Morning Meeting Guide

Big Idea Guide: Stories Told in Different Ways
Read Aloud Guide

Read Alouds are an opportunity for teachers to model a love for books and storytelling.

While a teacher is reading an engaging story, they should also be demonstrating how to:

● Carefully hold books

● Gently turn pages

● Treat books respectfully

Read Alouds & Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting is an essential tool to support classroom community building and our social emotional learning goals for children. Morning meeting provides a structured space where we can connect with each other in an inviting and meaningful way. Intentionally planning for Morning Meeting sets a tone of welcoming, care, equity, respect and trust - providing time to include each child, model and practice appropriate behaviors and classroom expectations, and the use and care of materials.


Morning Meeting is structured into four key components:

● greeting

● sharing

● games and learning activities

● and the morning message


While eventually a group may be able to do all four components in one meeting, the components can be taught and experienced at meetings over the course of a day. The predictable format of Morning Meeting and the components provides structure and comfort.