Second Step

Social Emotional Learning is an important focus in Early Education.  SPS uses Second Step to support to help teach critical skills—such as managing emotions and behavior, getting along with peers, and solving problems peacefully—that can help students in school, the workplace, and throughout their lives.


Second Step is a sequential program taught in PreK-Grade 8, with each year building on the previous year.  The Early Learning program for Pre-K focuses on self-regulation and executive-function skills that help them pay attention, remember directions, and control their behavior. Students in Grades K–5 continue developing their social-emotional skills—including making friends, managing emotions, and solving problems—to set them on the path for social success and academic readiness.


Parents are encouraged to explore the Second Step site:  Materials are available in English and Spanish.  If you’d like to create a parent account, ask your classroom teacher for an access code.