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Some children love to be onstage. Others might not want to participate.  In Story Acting, children have a choice and can “pass” if they don’t want to take on a role.  Story Acting involves children sitting in a circle, usually at the meeting rug.  A part of the rug can be designated the stage. Some teachers use a signal such as a bell or gong to indicate the start of STSA.  The teacher has usually predetermined the role the story author wants to take.  Then the title of the story is read, the author named, and the acting begins.  The teacher begins to read and quietly whispers or points to the children around the circle to take on the roles being read, and children can pass. Anything in the story can be a character - a sister, the sea, a fish, a house or castle, a storm.  Once a story is over the actors bow, the audience applauds!  See the STSA Guide for more Story Acting guidance.

Scroll through these four videos of story acting on: 

  • The Princess and the King

  • The Ocean and the City 

  • House 

  • A Blue Whale